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As an experienced attorney or other class action litigation professional, you already know how wide ranging the grievances for class action lawsuits can be. But how can you stay on top of what’s “trending” in the world of class action litigation? How do you determine what are credible, current causes of action? Who are the leading professionals? You read the Class Action Reporter, a daily electronic newsletter that summarizes case developments in thousands of class action suits around the country.

Distributed daily to your desktop via email, you will receive a comprehensive update on the most current and ongoing class action suits nationwide . Listed by target defendant company name, you will stay abreast of pleadings, litigation status, damages, and the names and contact information of every lawyer involved on either side of each case. It’s a comprehensive resource that follows thousands of class action suits and reduces a vast array of information into a digestible, easy to navigate format.

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It's a complex world out there. But for class action litigation professionals, it's a fertile field of opportunities. And the best way to stay abreast of those opportunities is the 
Class Action Reporter.

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